Our storage facility is used by most of the local removers and we have stored over 1 MILLION cubic ft of effects for over 5 THOUSAND customers.

We store your effects in our own clean, modern and safe environment. We use warehouse containers which are an industry standard 250 cubic feet in size,7.5ft High, 5ft Wide and 7ft Long (approximate external measurements).

These can be loaded at your doorstep, sealed and returned to our facility. All containers are individually numbered and when full are given a unique seal number. The door to the containers CAN NOT be opened until this seal is broken. This way you can be sure that your goods are untouched upon return.

You can access the containers at any time (during opening hours) if you need to retrieve an item, all we ask is for at least 48hours notice. This allows us to get your container(s) ready for you. We have nearly ONE THOUSAND containers in store at any one time so it takes a little time to get yours ready.